Hi, I am Amber Yoshida.

First, and foremost, I am a mother of 3 beautiful humans and rescue kitty named Kye-Kye (rhymes with pie-pie and because its so nice you have to say it twice). I am based out of the Kansas City area and you will find me adventuring all over Kansas. I also love it when I get called out to the coastlines and all the roads between here and there. If you can not find me in the heartland or on the coastlines then hopefully I am lost (intentionally) in the desert - as the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) is my soul's home.

My journey in photography started as an 8 year-old child and has never ended. It is my forever passion, my way of communicating, and is my poetry. I am drawn to the water, botanicals, the emotions, and human connection. Therefore, you may notice the likeness of that mixture appearing in most of my portraiture.

I mostly shoot portraiture, editorial + fashion portraits, people in love, and tiny humans. I love photographing people and all of the emotions that come along with being human. Let's go play in the wind, dance in the river, lay in the wildflowers, hide in the trees, jump in all the puddles, and run through the wild grasses...let's meet where you feel called to the most.